Multiple Languages

True support for multiple languages goes far beyond the translation of the application. In CAPOL-navigator™ the language of the user-interface can be defined for each user. Upon printing an alternative language for the printout can be chosen. Forms addressed to a supplier or customer will be automatically printed in the language of the addressee.

For texts and descriptions in master data up to eight different languages can be defined, whereas one of them must be defined as <Primary>. On the screen and on reports the texts are shown in the language defined for the user or, if the translation is not defined, in primary language. This means you can decide for example to have address-related data like greetings available in multiple languages but maintain the article descriptions in just one language.

CAPOL®-Products can be easily translated with CAPOL-translator™ into most languages supported by Microsoft® Windows™. Currently Latin-based languages that are part of the original ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard (e.g. English, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.) are supported. If needed in a specific project we could implement the support of Unicode that is required for languages like Japanese or Chinese.