Master Data

Most of the values in CAPOL-navigator™ are not entered manually over and over again but instead chosen from a predefined list of values.  This allows efficient data entry and is also the basis for meaningful statistics.

The main master data tables are as follows:

  • Articles, Prices, Price Lists
  • Customers, Suppliers, Employees
  • Companies, Branches, Departments
  • Till Parameters (CAPOL-touch™ )
  • Purchase Order Parameters
  • Sales Order Parameters
  • Tax Types, Regions and Rates
  • Terms
  • Priorities
  • Article Groups and Defaults
  • Address Groups and Defaults
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Loose Inventory Parameters
  • Manufacturing Parameters
  • Repair Parameters
  • Currencies / Exchange Rates
  • Shipping Types / Carriers
  • Text Elements