The whole range of the CAPOL® Standard Software Family has been developed by CAPOL itself. The first generation of today's products was launched by the end of 1997. A major reengineering process has been started in 2003 following the decision to abandon Centura®, SQLBaseTM and SQLServer TM and fully concentrate on Microsoft® Visual C++TM and Oracle®.

CAPOL software products are based on a multi-tier architecture implemented with Visual C++TM. The client uses Windows2000TM, WindowsXPTM or Windows2003TM as operating system. The database runs on any platform supported by Oracle®, although Windows2003TM Server is usually used. Windows SBS (Small Business Server) installations are not supported and the Client cannot run on the same machine as the Oracle® Server. We recommend a separate server for running Oracle®.

CAPOL adheres strictly to usual programming standards. Close attention is also paid to the consistency of the user interface. The functional design is fully object-oriented and all our products use a standardized basic functionality.

All our customers have exactly the same software as customer-specific modules are always integrated into the main application. The range of functions and the availability of customer-specific modules are controlled by the license-subsystem. Additional functionality can be activated at any time without the need for application or database changes.