After-Sales Service

The repair & service subsystem allows administration and efficient tracking through each step of the after-sales process as well as full reporting in various ways.

The key features of the subsystem are as follows:

  • Support for multiple companies and repair centers within one system
  • Multi language capability including documents in language of addressee
  • Barcoding of repair documents for efficient handling and tracking
  • Complete management of own and subcontracted repairs
  • Quick information entry and retrieval
  • Handing of charge, warranty, repair warranty and other settlements
  • Support of multiple estimates with definition of compulsory and optional work
  • Creation of pro-forma invoices for repairs abroad
  • Supervisor sign-off for repair cases with complaints
  • Management of deadlines and deadline shifts on the timeline
  • Cost, Wholesale and Retail Prices per job or all-in
  • Automated calculations based on time used or predefined amounts per job
  • Spare Parts Lists (General and Brand/Division specific)
  • Creation of invoices and/or integration with CAPOL-touch™ (POS-System)
  • Fully embedded image subsystem for any number of photographs or scans
  • Attachment of files (Word, Excel, etc) to documents, events and jobs
  • Integration into the <Inventory> subsystem for spare parts
  • Integration into the <Testing> subsystem to manage test results of repaired items
  • Integration into the <Track & Trace> subsystem to manage parcel information
  • Export of invoice details to accounting software
  • Export of repair status info to Internet Homepage
  • Numerous analysis reports