Implementation, Development, Data Migration

CAPOL acknowledges that you're buying more than software; you become part of our growing network of users. Our dedicated implementation team begins to educate new clients on relevant design concepts and features long before the software arrives or specific decisions are made. We take a great deal of care understanding how and why you do things the way you do them. Not until we understand one another's methodologies in some detail can we begin to tailor our applications to best suit your present and future needs. Our implementation team will work with you side by side on a training schedule and most importantly stay with you after the initial go live. They are there to answer questions, continuously train and just be there for support until you are confident they are no longer needed. In short, our team accompanies you through the entire software transition so you never feel alone.

We offer you the ability to work directly with our consultants to re-engineer your existing processes or to automate the unique aspects of your business. Whether it's an e-commerce initiative you're considering or automating your sales force, we can bring our experience with companies all around the world to work for you and deliver you a solution on time and on budget. CAPOL consultants have the necessary business and technical knowledge to ensure your project is a success.