The retail module of CAPOL-navigator™ supports from single store up to international chains every size of retail operation. Sales-Transactions are usually entered on dedicated Touch-Screen Terminals equipped with CAPOL-touch™ but could be also entered manually at the end of the day.

The key features of the subsystem in CAPOL-navigator™ are as follows:

  • Support for any number of tills per shop
  • Each till is fully independent and does not require a connection to the central database
  • All parameters are centrally administered in CAPOL-navigator™
  • Automatic nightly data exchange controlled from the main system
  • Data exchange subsystem supports the exchange for tills in multiple time-zones
  • Review and modification of transactions
  • Tracking of gift certificates, credit memos, prepayments and export documents
  • Integration into the <Inventory> subsystem
  • Export of postings to accounting software
  • Numerous analysis reports

The key features of CAPOL-touch™ are as follows:

  • Sales, Returns, Entries and Transfers of labelled goods
  • Discount per item or transaction as percentage or amount
  • Unlimited number of payment methods per transaction
  • Gift certificates, credit memos and promotional vouchers
  • Review, reprint and reversal of transactions during the day
  • Handling of expenses
  • Quick and easy balancing at the end of the day
  • Assigning of existing customers or creation of new customers during transaction
  • Look-up of customer history
  • Look-up of inventory by reference for configured stores
  • Handling of export for countries with VAT (Value Added Tax)
  • Stock-Take with or without mobile data terminal
  • Printing on standard 40 char ticket printer and/or windows printer
  • Support for all types of OPOS-Devices (Printer, Drawer, Display)