Multi-Currency / Pricing

The primary currency and the tax scheme is usually defined by <Company> but can be even assigned to every individual <Branch> if necessary.

An unlimited number of currencies can be defined. The exchange rate between each currency-pair can be recorded per date and is kept on the timeline. This means it is possible to define an exchange rate from US$ to EUR for purchases and another from EUR to US$ for sales.

For articles, components and services prices can be defined by <Country> and <Currency> in order to support market-prices; for example different EUR prices for Spain and for Germany. Prices are also kept on the timeline so that you can define price changes ahead as well as to ensure  true retrospective reporting. For wholesale prices by customer can be defined if necessary.

Jewellery calculations can be made per item, based on an item price plus the price for the precious metal as well as a price per weight plus the price for the precious metal. The recording of all relevant data like precious metals, purities and prices per units is fully supported.