As business processes differ from company to company, CAPOL-navigator™ can be customized to the given demands in a variety of ways and it's modular structure allows enhancements with regard to technology, capacity and functionality at any time.

CAPOL-navigator™ allows the management of multilayered enterprises and various organizational structures even spread over multiple countries. The implementation is based on a two level hierarchy; to each <Company> an unlimited number of <Branches> can be assigned. Within companies <Employees> can be assigned to <Departments>. Master data are depending on the type of information either generally available or defined for each <Company> and/or <Branch>. Transactions are always kept on level <Branch>.

Various stock-keeping schemes are supported by CAPOL-navigator™; They are one-dimensional with or without serialization and multi-dimensional with colors and/or sizes. Depending on this the functionalities, validations, windows and reports are optimally adopted to the specific needs.