Capol AG
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Concentrate on one thing and do it better than anyone else

In 1987, after completing a major assignment with a large retail company, Roger Furrer founded the core of CAPOLs operation. In the early years the company developed not only software but also hardware. CAPOL was probably the first producer of fully integrated PC-based tills for chain stores. As over the years the big hardware vendors started to develop reliable products the hardware production was discontinued and a few years later the whole hardware and technical department was sold to one of the major suppliers of retail hardware. In 1994, driven by fact that several brand leaders in the Watch and Jewellery Industry were using CAPOL  software successfully in countries outside of Switzerland, CAPOL started to sell its software Internationally. The software development has evolved from COBOL and Clipper over SQLWindows to Visual C++ as the platforms changed from IBM S/36 over AS/400 to Windows.

The main focus was then and still is today the development of fully integrated solutions for the Watch, Jewellery and Luxury Goods Industries. Based on 20 years of hands on experience and accumulated knowledge our products are tailored to the needs of these particular businesses. Although CAPOL has grown into an International company we have not forgotten our basic values. Our clients are paramount to us so much so that we pride ourselves in the fact that they can always speak directly to the person in charge.