Management Summary

Sometimes the question is whether to use a classical ERP System or to implement a vertical solution specifically made for the given type of business. Naturally both types have their advantages and disadvantages. We recommend using a classical ERP for FI/CO and HR and to use a vertical industry solution for all business specific processes.

Some of the advantages of a vertical solution are:

  • KNOWLEDGE: The knowledge of a company specialized in one business area is sub-stantially better that the knowledge of a company that addresses a wide spectrum of businesses
  • FUNCTIONALITY: The characteristics of goods in the watch and jewellery business differ considerably from goods in other businesses (case no, movement no, caliber, weight, shape, fluorescence, etc). You can have identical items with slightly different characteristics as you will never have multiple times exactly the same stones or pearls. A standard ERP will not support these things by default.
  • COST: The investment to adopt a standard ERP to the business processes as well as the ongoing-cost is usually much higher than the investment into an application specifically made for the business field